Color is the primary motivator in my work. In fact, I would say that color is the reason I get up in the morning! Whether I’m painting on silk, dyeing eggs or creating mixed media sculptures, I always begin with a sense of color for a project.

I have been a working artist for over 22 years. For 18 of those years I worked almost exclusively in fabric and clothing design, creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition clothing , scarves and shawls. I am smitten with the sensual, tactile nature of fabric. It’s the first thing we’re covered with when we come into the world. We receive our first blanket, our first party dress, our first snuggly winter coat. I create clothing to continue that love affair with fabric. I want women who wear my garments to feel wrapped up in beauty and sensuality. My fabric technique has evolved from a batik approach to a technique which involves painting with thickened dyes directly onto fabric. My most recent fabric work is influenced by my daily walks in the woods and my yearly trips to Mexico, a place where color positively runs rampant! But really, inspiration is everywhere. My job is to take the time to see it.

My mixed media sculptures have been a part of my artistic life for almost four years now. I have worked on several series, including a daily

pysanky egg journal and an autobiographical series of boxes responding to trauma. My mixed media sculptural work reflects my love for fabric, for detail, for color and my obsession with eggshells. By creating these small boxes, I am able to pay attention to the small, interesting moments in life and transform them into a visual remembrance.

I currently live in Pleasant Ridge with my husband Jay, who is a photographer, my daughter Ruby, Loki the dog, 3 cats and 2 pet rats. One of my great joys is tending to my upper deck garden, where I grow several ravishingly beautiful types of passion flowers and other unusual and exotic plants.